Let's create a storm with our ancient fiddles... 


Envisioning a Chinese String Quartet in Singapore, Stringanza was spontaneously formed by four friends, Kwuan Boon, Weilin, Kok Jun and Vincent in 2009. It showcases the Chinese two-stringed fiddle, Erhu and its variations, Gaohu and Zhonghu, playing alongside a Western Cello. Each fiddle varies in their tone quality and pitch resulting in an eclectic blend of sonority and timbre unique to the quartet.


                               “Without music, life would be a mistake” ― Friedrich Nietzsche.


Simply for the love of playing together, Stringanza works towards making the arts accessible to the community. Currently, our fiddlers are, Kwuan Boon, Weilin, Rui Jun and Andrew. 

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Smoking Hot News. (Jan 2018) 

New year new plans. 

We bring you our rendition of a Kdrama OST - While You Were Sleeping.  

Arranger: Lim Kwuan Boon
Musicians: Kwuan Boon, Ruijun, Weilin, Andrew

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A sneak peak into our next project- we
will revive the long-awaited "PEEK SERIES" featuring Erhu & Keyboard. Please stay tuned :)